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A Stretch Marks Cream Works, But Only With the Right Ingredients in It

January 23, 2014

A stretch marks cream works only when it possesses the right ingredients that can repair skin from the deepest layers. Stretch marks are a result of tearing of the dermis, the mid layer of the skin. When this happens, collagen network breaks down and skin gets a crinkled, indented look on the surface. The tearing exposes the innermost subcutaneous layer of the skin, making way for a streaked appearance on the surface.

This is serious damage. You cannot expect simple moisturizers to repair this destruction. What can they do? It is creams like Celtrixa that are fit for the job. These are equipped with special skin-repairing ingredients and collagen boosters. They reverse the damage and normalize everything inside the skin.

The right stretch marks cream knows how to work in the skin. It knows where exactly to start and where to end. Such a cream is also known to heal dehydration, which sets in when the collagen network crumbles.

The over-stretching of skin creates quite a mess inside. You need to use a carefully-picked stretch marks cream to get the desired results. Otherwise, you will keep wasting money on useless creams and live with marks forever.

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