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Choose Only The Right Creams For Stretch Marks

May 8, 2013

ImageCreams for stretch marks are plenty, but the trick to effective stretch mark treatment lies in the use of the appropriate cream. If you buy a cream from over the counter, you would get the same old paraben-infused formula that works only on the surface of the skin.

What your marked skin needs is a formula that works from the deepest layer of the skin. It hydrates skin from the cellular level and regenerates the torn fibril network. It boosts collagen production and makes the skin elastic, so that it can endure future stretching.

Celtrixa is a cream that does all this. Celtrixa reviews say that the cream is successful in reducing intensity and width of marks by up to 75 percent in just four weeks. This is one of the creams for stretch marks that creates no side effects on skin, instead improves complexion due to skin brightening agents present in it.

It is of no use to buy different formulas when they do not contain the necessary ingredients required to fade marks. The best creams for stretch marks work where the damage is. They are safe on all types of skin and work on fresh and old marks.


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