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Stretch Marks: Achievement Or Ugliness?

August 7, 2012

Stretch marks can make you feel ugly. Even though a large number of men and women get these marks, you still feel as if you are the only one walking around with these red, purple streaks on your skin.

If you look at these marks the other way, they are actually signs of achievement. A lady delivers a baby and accomplishes motherhood. She gets marks as a proof of her “deed.” A body builder cannot take pride on his biceps until the muscles tear off to show marks. Someone on a weight loss program can jump with joy on seeing the marks that clearly show they have lost weight.

Despite being a sign of achievement, stretch marks have a few takers. People are so annoyed these ugly eyesores that the market is flooded with a plethora of formulations to get rid of them. Do you know whites are more prone to getting marks on their skin than blacks?

A stretch mark can be either red or white. The fresh ones are red or purplish, while the older marks are pearl white. They are usually permanent. However, if you use a powerful cream for stretch marks that penetrates deep into the skin and restructures it, then you can reduce the visibility of these marks.

Stretch marks are not something you need to live with your whole life. If you wish to keep them as a “trophy” for creating a life or building muscles, then it is fine, else you can always get a good cream and make them non-existent to the world.


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